An open-air restaurant

Enjoy the cool sea breeze under the stars together with the authentic flavours of the local Romagna cuisine.

Peace, quiet and great food. Cool at lunch, surreal at dinner.

MyHome is a place for everyone: a welcoming home for those looking for a place to stay where they can enjoy traditional sea food and other local recipes.

No need to look at the clock.

You choose when to eat lunch or dinner. No rush. No stress. Here you will find flexible hours, and unforgettable food, outdoor tables and indoor spaces, where you can enjoy the moment and your favourite foods.


Ours is a traditional menu, especially when it comes to seafood, where the focus is on fresh, local ingredients and on the creativity of our chefs, Rino, Giovanni, and Giuliano.

Traditional foods from land and sea

The local cuisine is sacrosanct in Romagna. Untouchable. Ours comes from old recipe books and a complete respect for ingredients and preparation times. Every day, we prepare dishes that have flavours from days gone by, forgotten by many. And we do so with love.

Zero km

We use locally sourced ingredients, many of which are zero km, from trusted suppliers.